Elegant completed custom-built home, built by Jeda Homes!
Elegant completed custom-built home, built by Jeda Homes!

Jeda Homes builds a full range of homes in Western Kentucky, and we’d like to be your Western Kentucky Home Builder! We work with all types of customers, from the first time home buyer to the growing family, to those looking for a grand estate-style home. And we do it all with outstanding customer service.

Not all home builders are created equally. The quality of your custom built home can only be as good as the builder creates it. You don’t want a builder who cuts corners, takes shortcuts and is hard to communicate with. So consider the following two traits when selecting a Western Kentucky Home Builder:

What is the Builder’s Business Reputation?

There are many reputable, professional builders who provide great homes and great service. Find out if your potential builder fits this description. Ask a few questions: How long has the company been in business? Are they a member of the local Home Builders’ Association? What after-sales service does the builder offer? Will the builder offer me references for recently completed projects? All are important things to look into.

Does your Builder Communicate with You?

A tight personal fit is important. Does the builder (or salesperson) listen to me? Understand my needs? Offer useful advice? Do I feel confident that the company would be good to work with? Communication makes a huge difference. Don’t let this fact escape you.

We hope these suggestions are helpful for you as you navigate around the pitfalls associated with home building in Western Kentucky. We offer more tips and information. See Advice for Homebuyers to learn more about successful home building and how to hire the right custom home builders.

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