George and Diane KanfieldWe want to express our satisfaction with the the quality and expertise in which Jeda Homes built our house. The house was completed in five months, which was within your estimate of four to six months. This was despite some days of extreme cold weather.
Your salesman made several recommendations about items we didn’t even think about but are now able to enjoy.
We believe a good builder should be judged not only the quality of their product, but also how homeowner concerns are handled. We feel that Jeda Homes excelled in handling any concerns we had as well as building a quality house. It made our building experience much more enjoyable.
We were always treated courteously and professionally by all members of your organization.
We would not hesitate to recommend Jeda Homes to any persons expressing an interest in building a home.

George and Diane Kanfield

Beth & Dennis CraigWe would like to say a sincere “thank you” to JEDA HOMES for recently building our new home.

From the ground breaking to completion, time was never an issue in building our new home. We were enjoying it in a little over three months.

The expertise and knowledge paired with the personal attention from JEDA made our decision making process simple and enjoyable. The quality of the construction and craftsmanship was superb in every phase. JEDA offered great, sound advice and suggestions before and during the construction process.

We appreciate JEDA HOMES’ small, friendly feel and would recommend them to anyone wanting a quality home with little or no stress. Thank you again for our wonderful home.

Beth & Dennis Craig

Our family is very gratefBeautiful Homes by Jeda Homesul to JEDA HOMES for fulfilling a 15 year dream!! For years I had been dreaming of owning land with a Victorian style home, pale yellow vinyl siding with green shingles to be exact.

We searched for years by ourselves and with realtors for affordable land in a good area and was unable to find anything either affordable or what we wanted. I then found JEDA HOMES after looking at several home builders and they helped me in my quest for affordable land. I was unable to get in touch with the realtor to discuss the land we had found so JEDA HOMES’ realtor went to the county PVA to track down the owner and finally within two months we were buying the land which without JEDA’s realtor’s help, we would probably still be searching.

They made every step easy from financing the land and the house to every step of the construction process. They gave us referrals and contacts for everything from the financing to any other referral we needed.

We were very impressed with the workers and their professionalism and craftsmanship. I remember one cold day we went to see how the progess was coming and of course when we saw the plans versus the actual size of one area in the house it was not big enough, so we asked the construction crew if it is possible to change and they were very willing to do so and with a quick call to our superintendent, he ok’d the change and they made it by the next day. Even though they could have been frustrated with us, they never were and were so patient.

We started with a dream in mind, but there were several small things to consider and they werevery patient with us while we made a decision and of course as all people who build, changed our minds, sometimes more than once. Our superintendent was never impatient with our changes and consistently said ” Our goal is to make the homeowner happy.” JEDA HOMES truely means that!!

Someone told us once if you finish building your home and you are still on speaking terms with your builder then you were successful. We are not only on speaking terms but we feel like we made friends in JEDA HOMES. We are very grateful to JEDA HOMES for helping us fulfill our 15 year dream!!! We have a wonderful new Victorian Style home on a beautiful affordable land with wonderful new neighbors.

We were definitely successful and are still praising JEDA HOMES!!

Thank you JEDA HOMES for making a 15 year dream come true!!!!

Troy and Shirl Fields